Tension Releazzzer™ is a safe at-home solution to relieve tension headaches.


to help with



triggered by tense muscles.

Simple product.
Incredible results.

No need for batteries, chargers, special creams, or help from a loved one. Just lay on it and feel the tension melt away in minutes.

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Dr. Brant

"My kids call me an inventor, but I'm just a chiropractor with an idea.

Years ago, I opened Headache Relief Chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I focused solely on Migraines and Tension Headaches.

Of all the treatments I would perform on my patients, there was one that made all the difference. It's called Sub-Occipital Release Technique.

I thought, 'There must be a way for my patients to do this themselves at home.' However, competing products weren’t effective enough and didn’t specifically target the sub-occipital area correctly for tension headaches.

So, I created Tension Releazzzer™ and so far, most of my customers love it. (Some, that don't enjoy deep-tissue massage, don't like it.)

-Dr. Brant Stock, Licensed Chiropractor in West Bountiful, Utah

Simple product.

How does it work?

Tension Releazzzer™ replicates Sub-Occipital Release Technique, which is a very common modality used around the world by physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors, for the treatment and relief of Tension Headaches. It's basically a deep-tissue static massage on the muscles near the base of the skull. In stressed individuals, these muscles tend to get tight and squeeze on vessels and nerves that pass through them. This can cause pain "down stream", around the head and behind the eyes. Tension Releazzzer™ applies a deep and therapeutic massage on these muscles to help them release and relax, helping restore proper flow and function to the aforementioned nerves and vessels.

Adjust pegs for
targeted pressure

Adjust the pegs however you’d like to reach narrow parts of your neck and apply precise and accurate pressure.

Doctor designed.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

I developed Tension Releazzzer™ to replicate what I do for my patients' headaches. If your migraines are triggered by tight muscles at the very top of your neck right under your skull (sub-occipitals), I'm confident this will work very well for you!

Dr. Brant Stock, Licensed Chiropractor

"Deep pressure that hurts so goood."

Custom pressure for
custom relief

Deep tissue

Use the included pegs for aggressive, deep tissue massage. It hurts so good.

Gentle relief

Attach the included rubber dampeners for a more comfortable massage. It’s perfect for beginners.

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  • Can be very PAINFUL! Delivers very aggressive deep-tissue pin-point pressure.
  • Will not work for neck issues. (Headaches only)
  • Not battery-powered nor electric
  • Other Disclaimers

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